Domain Names and Branding

Choosing a Domain Name is your next step. This is an important step because you will be telling the world who you are and where to find you.

Where In The World Are You?

A Domain Name is the address of a website. For example, my domain name is Domain names are registered to prevent people from using the same name and to give a definite location for each business or person.

Bridging the Psychic Pain Gap

When people are confident of their next paycheck, they have a predisposition to buy most of their “because I want it” items that are within financial reach (and maybe even just out of reach as well – hence the credit card). That’s because their psychic pain threshold for buying is just above their actual expendable income level.

Here’s how to visualize it: there are usually, say, 5-7 “extra-budgetary” purchases a person might have in mind for the next two months or so: nicer sunglasses, or an expensive wireless mouse, or shoes or some type of clothing, etc. And most of those things will actually get purchased within a rolling 2-3 month time frame, without the buyer feeling that any of them represent a considered purchase – even if the sunglasses or shoes might be in or above the $150 range.

Why You’d Be Smart to Let a Stranger Select Your Baby Stroller

There I was at Babies”R”Us, way back in 2003, manhandling different strollers and finding myself more eager to read the reviews than to kick the tires myself – and it had nothing to do with wanting to avoid the in-store shopping experience and everything to do with wanting to make the best purchase decision possible.

So why would I want to read reviews when I could examine the stroller first hand?

Do the 5 Steps Sales Process and Dance Your Way To Higher Sales

It’s not rocket science. If you want your website to sell more, you have to construct your website so it employs the sales process. That’s what everybody at Future Now and I keep going on (and on) about. Selling is worlds away from allowing customers to buy, and if you aren’t selling, you’re not going to be in business for long.

Yeah, I know the Internet is new, but do you still think thousands of years of consumer psychology got an overnight makeover just because somebody found a different way to communicate? I don’t think so! And you don’t have to take my word. Look at all the consumers who are not buying from all the dot-coms that are failing. So let’s look at what goes into the sales process and how it works in the bricks and mortar world. Translate this to your website, and you will see your sales go up – WAY up.

Driving Traffic to Your Site: A Little Horse Sense

I bet you read a lot of stuff about e-commerce. I sure do. Most articles I find out there are about marketing on the web: how to advertise effectively with banners and click-throughs, how to promote yourself through e-mail and newsletters, how to succeed in driving lots of consumer traffic to your site. And who isn’t trying to attract customers and build the bottom line? But every time I read this stuff, I start thinking about horses: how you can lead them to water but can’t make them drink, and how you shouldn’t go putting carts before them.

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet. Before you go blowing your marketing budget (and more) on increasing traffic to your site, make sure your best dollars have gone into designing and maintaining a site that isn’t going to be a dead-end for your traffic. First take care of what your customer wants: simple navigation, a sense of security, easy and intuitive processes, lots of help, great customer service – a comfortable, familiar, delightful shopping experience!

Put the horse before the cart, and those horses will be much more inclined to drink the water you’ve led them to.